Disclaimer: This product is not intended for tobacco use. This product is intended for aromatherapy use only.
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ORIGINAL Noochie Instructions

- Insert screen through sphere mouthpiece on the side of Noochie and push in until flush with hole on the inside of the herb chamber.

- Fill the herb chamber with any aromatherapy herb of your choice until at least the top of the screen in covered. For optimal results, grind your aromatherapy herb as fine as possible.

- Securely push the lid into place.


Before using your Noochie for the first time

 - Measure your torch lighter flame to roughly .7 inches long.

- Like spicing up a dish, start small.

- For greatest flavor - hold the flame further away from the air intake - about an inch or so should work fine. Continually swirl the flame around the air intake in order to heat the herb evenly and avoid the possibility of hot spots.

- It's always a good idea to keep the flame moving in some way and at all times. Little circles as well as moving it closer or further from the air intake will allow you more control of the amount of heat being applied.

- Stir your aromatherapy herbs regularly to insure the most even heating.

- Soon you will be able to judge how much heat the herb is receiving by the warmth of the air in your mouth. By flicking the flame away or moving it closer for a couple seconds, you will be able to achieve and fine tune any range of temperature you desire.

- These instructions should allow anyone to achieve superior results very quickly. Most important is that you experiment with your technique, flame length and personal preferences to find the way you enjoy using your Noochie most.


Cleaning your Noochie

 - Scoop or brush out the remainder of your aromatherapy herbs.

- Push the screen out through the mouthpiece into the herb chamber.

- Cover the hole of the mouthpiece with one finger and pour isopropyl alcohol into the herb chamber until full.

 - After few seconds to a minute, any residue will have come loose and you can rinse the Noochie with warm water. You now have a Noochie that is like brand new.