Disclaimer: This product is not intended for tobacco use. This product is intended for aromatherapy use only.
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Imminent Dawning

The Noochie

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The Noochie aromatherapy device is the resulting combination of the old with the new, let alone a first of it's kind. It is a combination of ancient materials and processes with the modern day perplexity of 3D printing.
Contrary to popular belief, porcelain is an extremely durable, very hard, completely vitrified and impermeable material after being fired to roughly 2,000 degrees F. Even if left unglazed, liquids will not penetrate its surface.
Each Noochie is fired twice - once for the initial bisque firing and the second time after it has been coated in glazing.
Glazing covers the surface in glass which makes the product stronger, more resistant to staining, liquids, and above all food safe. This makes Noochie the only food safe 3D printed aromatherapy device in the world.
As there are no moving or electronic parts, there is nothing that will stop functioning over time. With proper care, glazed porcelain products will last longer than you.

 Included with each Noochie purchase:

  • Noochie body and lid
  • One o-ring
  • Two stainless steel screens
  • One cleaning brush
  • One multi tool

Due to variances in glazing and/or monitors, colors may vary slightly from images. In addition, some lids may fit tighter than others but all will be air tight.